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Welcome to our website

Help Suffering Lives Society (HSLS) is a charitable trust and relies solely on donations, grants and fundraising to operate. We have a passionate group of volunteers who generously give up their time to rescue, rehabilitate and release orphaned, sick and injured birds.

Our centers accept and care for all India birds and wildlife whether they are pet, native or non-native. We assist thousands of birds each year, many being the victims of cat attacks, road accidents, pollution or human cruelty.

A large section of our HSLS is dedicated to birds. At any given time, there are more than fifty pariah kites undergoing treatment at the facility. All the birds are rescued by us or brought to us by people who found the injured birds in various parts of the city. A large number of pigeon, sparrow, pariah kites, owls, vultures, etc. get treatment in our rescues center.

Another large aviary has been set up for peacocks. The National Capital Region has got a healthy population of peacocks in it's green belts. Peafowl are brought to our rescue centre as a result of road accidents, electric shock, or attacks by feral dogs or cats. May of them survive the wounds, and within a few months' time, we release the birds back into their natural habitat.

For pariah kites, we have a soft release programme: the birds are kept in a large aviary; once a bird is able to fly properly, we allow it to fly out. Due to the availability of enough food and the presence of other birds, these newly freed birds stay near the rescue facility and return back for food for a few more days before they fly away.




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